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adoptive son and first devoted pupil of Master Shifu, who found him abandoned on the doorstep of the Jade Palace training ground and taught him skills in Kung Fu that. The hammer warning would be turned into a memorial for Rhino after Shen's death. The Lang Shadow Army was originally planned in the early development of Kung Fu Panda, but was eventually scrapped. Shirong comes back to help Shifu escape and he and his son and Po and Tigress defeat Tong. Oogway and the five also battled such villains as Master Ding, a corrupt Kung Fu master with great mental powers. However, it is known that he was once the head of the infamous Wool Stealing Crocodile Bandits of Crocodile Island, a gang of criminals noted to be "unmatched in their mischief" and known for their skill in trap-setting. Vachir has a ruby horn-shaped cap in place of his nose horn, as a decorative prosthetic. Po takes up Constable Hu's offer.

Wolf Archers - Wolf Soldiers armed with bows and arrows. Eventually, Po found Temutai, but was unable to stop him from entering the storage room which had a wide variety of magic helmets. Po explains and reassures that Peng and Tai Lung are nothing alike, as Peng has the heart and spirit of a true warrior.

Master Eagle is a Kung Fu Master who was referenced in Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Masters. Things weren't looking good for the panda, but in the nick of time, Master Shifu arrived and fooled Junjie by assuming the form of Grand Master Oogway. Ping found Po also helping Hundun, he went to Hundun to beg for a job and finds that Hundun and his accomplices unfilling the tunnel and gets caught by Hundun who captures. During the final battle, Lord Shen orders Wolf Boss to fire the Weapon at Po, but he is hesitant as doing so would kill many of his own pack too. When Po, the Dragon Warrior and master in charge of Lu Kang's training, rashly makes a vow to fully train Lu Kang, Meng Tao informs him that breaking that vow would result in beheading for every master of the Jade Palace. Master Elephant appears in person in the episode "The First Five" where Po organizes a reunion of the original Furious Five as part of a party that Po throws for Master Shifu. Po got information from Tong Fo on where the real Sacred Hammer of Lei Lang was located. Junjie plotted and succeeded into removing Master Shifu from his position by tricking Po into watching him and Shifu spar and use the Golden Lotus Clap, a move that renders the target blind. Unfortunately, Fung and his cohorts turned to using their position for their own benefit, and like Po and most of the real five became complacent about keeping up their training to stay in shape. Shocked, Tai Lung looked to Shifu for support, but the latter was too reluctant to protest.

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